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FreeWave Technologies, Inc. is an industrial company based in Boulder, Colorado, where it designs and manufactures secure machine-to-machine wireless networking, communications, and computing systems. FreeWave's radios capture and transmit data from devices such as sensors, gauges, valves, robots, drones, and unmanned vehicles over long distances (60+ miles / 96+ kilometers) in clear line-of-sight environments and harsh environments. FreeWave radios support a variety of industrial applications, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), wireless I/O, cathodic protection (CP) and remote monitoring, telemetry, and analytics. The Company sells to a variety of enterprises such as energy, utilities, agricultural, government and defense, water and wastewater, manufacturing, and commercial enterprises. The Company conducts network design, path studies, and pre-installation engineering services to support its customers.

An anonymous user former FreeWave Technologies employee recounts his experience working for the company on the "Glassdoor" website on June 16, 2014:

"- Lack of information sharing, collaboration, trust, and general respect across some departments and leaders. - Road-blocking by managers - Tantrums (yes, really), outbursts, and hostile, sarcastic off-hand remarks by senior team members that are just plain unprofessional - Elimination of bonuses, a decline of SEP shares due to poor decision making by the senior team looking to point fingers at everyone else. - The never-ending drama related to the personal dispute between the original founders."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"FreeWave continues pivoting the company from simple hardware sales to solution sales. This type of change is often difficult for individuals and teams. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Kirk Byles-CEO."


"Response from Kim Niederman: I am convinced that FreeWave has great people. Furthermore, more than any time since I have been the CEO, we have great people with skillsets aligned to deliver on the company vision. Regarding your advice, since you were with the company for more than 5 years, you know that we review company performance – good or bad on a regular basis. You also know that we have taken measures to develop, share and have implemented a strategy for company success. Let’s get together to discuss your concerns."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The depressing chipping away of every little employee perk from the SEP and bonuses, to gym membership to free pop. All of it is going away or already went. There is constant talk about change* as if it’s a great thing and that everyone is supposed to be so happy about it, but then people are disappearing. People are just suddenly gone and other people are “promoted” which is really just a pile on of more work without more pay rather than real promotions. I knew it was bad but I kept hoping it will get better, maybe things will improve soon. But it just went from bad to horrible. I write this as a warning because I know they are always hiring. Talk to people who work there. This is not a company just changing and redefining itself. The fake cheerfulness doesn’t fool anyone. It actually made things worse (kind of like the fake reviews on this site.) It just shows how bad things really are. Like other former employees I do feel bad for people who are still there. For their sake I do hope things get better. But sadly, things will probably only get better for them when they leave that place."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Lack of information sharing, collaboration, trust, and general respect across some departments and leaders. - Road-blocking by managers - Tantrums (yes, really), outbursts, and hostile, sarcastic off-hand remarks by senior team members that are just plain unprofessional - Elimination of bonuses, decline of SEP shares due to poor decision making by senior team looking to point fingers at the everyone else. - The never ending drama related to the personal dispute between the original founders."

Former Employee - says

"Are you considering a position In Bellevue Washington? Or in Boulder, CO? Think again! Learn from past Boulder employees: I write this mainly as a warning to others, as it is impossible for me to offset the badness here. This is, by far, the most messed up place I have ever worked. It is dysfunctional from the top on down. Our 3 year old "management" team and their doesn't-apply-to-us rules a.k.a. "Freewave 2.0" are just plain toxic. Engineers report that reasonable, but already-aggressive time estimates are further slashed by a factor of 2x-3x by management which purports to "know better". In a practical sense, this means that you will be given NO time to simulate, prototype or debug your designs. Instead, there is barely enough schedule for you to throw something on paper and ship it!. But you'll be sorry if it doesn't work the first time... This is called responsibility with no authority. And it permeates this company at all levels. (But excludes the management team, of course.) Without any schedule or technical authority whatsoever (oh, but bunches of responsibility), engineers are leaving in droves. In an environment where staff is so short-handed from all the people leaving, you then are forced to work Saturdays and even Sundays to meet the ego-driven, fabricated schedules which you had NO input on. (as YOU clearly are "behind", right?). But when you are forced in on weekends, you will not see any of the management team. As they never have to live by their own rules or decisions... In order to address the wide gulf between what is demanded and what you are actually enabled to do, management has introduced the "PIP" (Personal Improvement Plan). It is effectively a probation tool that is just one step away from firing. Sadly, once you are given a PIP, there is no mechanism for undoing it. It is permanent. I have seen really good, conscientious people quit for this policy alone. (Or likely it was just their last straw...) Read the other reviews on this site: Our bonus plan is GONE as of early 2013. And now our SEP (retirement) plan is largely reduced. Meanwhile again, on this same site, look at all of the new postings for engineering positions! This is NOT a sign of growth. Rather, it's a sign of panicked replacement of all of the engineering talent that left! Simply, Freewave has burned through the large engineering population in Denver-Boulder. Plus here the word about this workplace is out. This is why the Washington office has opened. Finally, in the company profile, you can see testimonials from those happy employees. I know several of them. They aren't so happy now. Please note that these testimonials are about 5 years old. So much destruction has happened and bad managers hired since then. And yes, H.R. knows of this site and all of these factual reviews. In response, they have padded Glassdoor reviews with now 3-4 fake good ones in an attempt to dilute what is really happening. Learn from the mistakes of many others and just don't go here. If you really want to work with radios, check out Xetawave."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People were let into the leadership despite bad references. Officers now "leading" were not properly vetted or qualified and are now repeating their past failures with this company. HR is a joke and is nothing more than a part of this company's many problems despite their posts as "employees" to the contrary. Many good people left and will continue to leave until this company acknowledges its ridiculous turnover rate and gets its act together."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership or lack there of. There's a reason why this company has so many poor reviews. These are not hostile employees and it's says a lot when companies feel they need to have a plant go and put something good thinking it will change all the bad. HR is not your friend. They lie and cheat. Do not go to them with any employment concern. But that is leadership as a whole. Cannot be trusted. They have turned some great happy employees into very angry mad and depressed people. This twice before joining this company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"What was once a great radio company is now reduced to reselling cheap Taiwanese built radio modules. Many of the original employees in the company have left to work for a new company by the FreeWave cofounder. I am one of them. The new CTO is now starting an R&D office near his home in Bellevue, WA. Two more great people left in the last few weeks."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Let me start by giving you a data point on the honesty of this companies' management: If you look below, you will see the "“This ain't your grandfather's company - what a breath of fresh-air!” review. Well, that was written by Kelly W., their head of H.R.!! How do I know? She TOLD me. Why? The word is out locally about what a dysfunctional horror show this company's management has become. When asked, they lied about it to several of my coworkers and me. They will do the same to you, as they are desperate to replace the people they have abused into leaving. Their census remains stable while their turnover was a disturbing 30% for 2012 and 2013. I saw so many good people leave. (I wonder if they are still calling this catastrophic loss of talent "housecleaning"?) You just can't win there. As even minor constructive honesty will get you fired on the spot. The CEO advertizes an "open door" policy. He's nice to meet in the hallway, but don't believe that for a second. The most valuable thing I learned while at FreeWave? That there truly ARE worst things than being unemployed. Learn from my (& many others) mistakes."

Orders Administrator (Former Employee) says

"fired me for no reason - New management came in and fired lots of people for no reason - Not given a fair chance to prove capable of following new policies."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I could not leave this company fast enough. Horribly managed by previous CEO and existing CEO. Small company that has lost many great employees and spoiled their sales department too much; therefore company is more than likely struggling financially. The pay is not competitive and getting anything accomplished is difficult to say the least."

Director of Information Technology (Former Employee) says

"Company is in financial trouble. Beatings will continue until moral improves. Senior management doesn't have a clue what to do next. Competition is eating their lunch."

Manufacturing Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"typical day at work was spent with good working teams and reachable goals at the team level through 1st level management, but upper level management was isolated from the employees.Good peopleCorporate management in a silo."

System Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They're nice people and they're not slavedrivers, but don't expect them to put any work into training you. And don't expect them to change their ways."